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Since 1974 I have been in tune with bees, also participating in the futurist record of my great companion Claudio Rocchi "The honey of the planets, the islands, the bees" and it is precisely in those years that I got the information that bees together with all one, a package, which came from Venus. I can't tell you where the information came from, but it is one of those things that you feel you have always known and that at a certain point surface. I recently did a web search on the subject, but I didn't find much, the only writing I caught was that of Geoffrey Hodson, with an interesting astral spiritual vision of perceiving bees, where between which he claims they come from Venus. I paired this writing with Annie Kyla Bennett's psychedelic painting which I found in perfect harmony. Walter Maioli

Annie Kyla Bennett Art Excerpt from "The Bee Kingdom" by Geoffrey Hodson
"My investigations on the invisible plane led me to ascertain the existence of Guardian Angels who protect and direct the bees. Once, while I was observing some hives, I realized the presence of a very high degree Body, a sort of directive consciousness in which all the vital force that animates these insects is contained, and which reflect it in all its expressions. It belongs to the angelic hierarchy and, when perceived as a form, appears as a large bee whose aura displays its typical colors: streaks ranging from yellow to golden-brown with the highest level of light intensity and chromatic delicacy. This Intelligence appeared to me as the Agent of an Archangel who presides over the whole of the life, consciousness, form and evolution of the bees of the entire planet. The notes made then specify that a hierarchy of Beings lends their services to the dependence of this Archangel with great seriousness and immense joy and is represented, on the etheric plane, by the Spirits of Nature who build their physical bodies. This Agent-Guardian was connected to the hive on which the study was carried out and there is one in charge of each active colony to direct, protect and enliven their consciousness and growth. Its presence is as essential to terrestrial life as the little "flying heroines" themselves are to the planetary vegetable production process. Part of his work is the preservation of the interactive unity of these hymenoptera that are not native to the Earth but come from Venus from which they were imported in the early days of our history. Seen astrally, the queen bee appears as a golden center of light, it is the fiery core of the group soul of the hive. The forces continuously flow through it to the whole organism which is thus profoundly unified, and extend around the complex by about 70 centimeters per side. It receives them from the upper floors and emanates them under the aspect of minute undulations, which branch off from it towards the periphery, producing with their incessant movement a superphysical sound similar to the well-known hum. Each bee is esoterically visible, wherever it is, appearing as a very small point of light, while the queen's light is much larger and brighter than all the others. Although completely instinctive, the control of her subjects, evidenced by their submission, is absolute because it affects them internally. She could be called the "ego" of the group. Each individuality depends on it for the single life and intelligence; each has its own aura and experiences definite sensations, but the mentality and certain emotions seem to be common to the whole. When the pollinator comes out of the hive, a line of light can be seen between the queen and her, wherever she flies. This luminous filament is made up of three different elements: the life force, centralized consciousness and certain electromagnetic energies. The former acts on the inside under the guidance of the latter (the main directive) and, with the help of the electromagnetic energies on the outside, the triple thread connects the bee to its house, its queen and other sister individualities, thus to always find the way back after excursions in search of nourishment. Her confident motion comes from instinct and the numerous tests carried out on the communities reveal their accentuated development rather than some kind of intelligence. In fact, the hexagonal cell is a geometric expression of the vibratory frequency of the bee which corresponds to its consciousness and its characteristic note. Instead, the combined action of the triune energies described above produces lines of force outlining the etheric forms where, instinctively, the bees build their honeycombs. At this point, it can very well be said that the queen is the absolute fulcrum of the colony and the agent-keeper is its coordinating intellect. He unifies her mind with the group soul of the ar ......


The bees together with the flowers come from Venus

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